Valentine’s letter

View from my beloved place

Fick ett brev som jag inte riktigt vet hur jag ska besvara:

My Dear Beloved One,

The first time I met you I started to worship you, although I did not know you. One single glance at you made me feel jittery, like I had butterflies in my stomach. When my friends asked me about you, I said I had not met a more lovable person in my life than you. I told them that nothing, absolutely nothing, could compare to your admirable being. My best friend told me that I had not been seen in this condition of love before. My eyes were glittering with passion when I was talking about your divine beauty. My unconditional love for you was pure, clean and still not tainted.

Do you remember our first date when I was standing outside your window singing love-songs, and shouting out my love for you? I know you must have been as lucky and hopeful as I was. My passion for you my dear made my whole body melt, like butter on warm toast. I felt bewildered and bewitched by your magnificence. I guess you felt as sad and heartbroken as I did, when they came and took me away from you. Yet they could not take away my love for you, nor my persistent conviction of our happy forthcoming mutual life. I was, exactly like you were, dreaming of when we finally would settle down and make a family of our own.

To comfort you my love I wrote you a letter every day, during the time when I was not allowed to meet you. I am sure you must have felt my growing admiration and love, though we did not meet except in our minds and in our dreams. The love was strong and clear like a two-way bridge between our hearts. I have been following you my precious little Darling and I have been watching you, at a distance, since I did not want you to be lonely and afraid or uncertain of my love for you. Gently my hungry eyes caressed your smooth delicious skin and your lovely hair. I sent kisses through the air to your pleasantly sweet lips. I would have done anything to make you feel loved and whole, my little trembling rose.

So, when I booked this table for us at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant I was sure that you and me were meant to be inseparable for ever. I invited you to this Valentine’s dinner, just to celebrate our love and our eternal future together. However, everything about you was obviously just perfection in performance. I have been waiting for your gracious appearance for five hours now. After four hours I had already finished our so called love-affair. If you had arrived in time, I might have loved you for ever. Yet we both know it will not happen under these circumstances. Still the very thought of you makes my heart skip a beat.

I was sure of my love for you when I first met you, but your heartless behaviour did not have a constructive effect on our relationship. If only I had not met you, I would have been luckily unaware of your beautiful existence. Nevertheless, I will not write any further love-letter for you; neither will I admire you from my beloved place outside your window. You will never again hear my caring and soothing voice singing or shouting out my love for you.

You might think this is just a lovers’ quarrel and that we just have to kiss and make up. I can tell you this is so much more, this is the end of our romantic involvement. We simply have to split up, since your participation in our relationship is not as warm as I had thought. The thousands of red roses that I sent you were maybe not enough to warm up the coldness of your heart. Maybe it is your turn now, to feel lonely, miserable and unloved. I know I will survive without you. Life will go on even if my heart is forever broken. I wish you good luck with the next victim you are going to lure around your well-manicured fingers and than crush into small pieces, like you did with me.

I will be seeing you
Yours for ever

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3 svar till Valentine’s letter

  1. Kristina skriver:

    Hmmmm…? Jag har hunnit tänka på Romeo&Julia, Victoria&Daniel och till och med (tro det eller ej) Julian Assange, men… nä.
    Jamie Oliver placerar det rätt ordentligt i modern tid, annars hade man kunnat spekulera vidare.
    Tills vidare tror jag alltså att det är ett verkligt brev, som en verklig beundrare har skickat till den verklige CE :-)

  2. Christer skriver:

    Vem är Julian Assange?

  3. Kristina skriver:

    ”Vem är Julian Assange?” Christer, kom hem snart! Herregud, helt plötsligt kommer jag ihåg hur ”efter” jag blev (svensk-)kulturellt när jag hade varit i Rom en vinter. Folk fick förklara saker för mig hela tiden.
    Lottas i maj: sydkoreanska publekar + något mer som jag har glömt, nä just det, synen på nakenhet och titta bort och allt det + uppdatera C. om Sverige.
    Julian Assange – australiensisk frontfigur i Wikileaks, skum man, inblandad i våldtäkts-/ofredandemål i Sverige just nu. (Kopplingen till brevet ovan är bara att det har publicerats några märkliga ”kärleksbrev” som han hade skrivit till någon kvinna för länge sedan.)