A Dream Play

Oxford Playhouse

Oxford Student Company‘s performance of A Dream Play by August Strindberg (Ett drömspel 1902) at Oxford Playhouse was an enjoyable treat, though I missed some of my favourite lines.

Agnes, the daughter of the god and creator Indra, is dreaming. In her dream she falls down to Earth and has to cope with the strain of day-to-day life.

A Dream Play

This production is not close to the original text, yet they express the essential feeling in the play.

Waiting for the play

The program

About 20 years ago when I played the Laywer (Advokaten) myself I really loved the play. Watching Oxford Student Company’s performance was a great evocative experience.

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2 svar till A Dream Play

  1. Christer skriver:

    Kristina, I will never again forget the rule of the third singular person, neither will I trust Mr Google’s knowledge of British spelling any more.

  2. Kristina skriver:


    Kul förresten, att du har sett ”Ett drömspel” i Oxford! Det är ju på något sätt din pjäs (tycker jag).